User experience & user interface designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Banjanin Stefan

I create designs that are both beautiful and functional

User experience and user interface designer from Republic of Srpska, B&H.
My previous work experience also includes social media management services and you can hire me for SMM tasks as well. My goal is to create a website that is both eye-catching and effective – visitor should not be confused by the design, and he/she should not be bombarded by too many information, buttons and media files. Everything should be in perfect order. You can take part in the design process too. Let’s work together.

A short list of projects that I have designed will be listed bellow.

Previous projects

Do you need a website?

News website

Are you a journalist or have an agency? Need a fast and responsive website that will deliver your side of the story to the world? Contact me

Online Shop

E-commerce solutions for your small business: Sell anything on your personal website, accept online payments, everything is fast and secure. Are you ready?

Portfolio website

Artists, music producers, graphic designers and other creative people need a website that will stand out from the ordinary, built with site-builder, websites that are all the same. Hit me up, let's talk today.


Some want to change the world, others want to write about their cats. Which one are you? I will set it all up for you, just drop me an email.

Company website

Business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur - It matters not, you need a website! It will represent everything you stand for and provide your customers with all the necessary information they need. Many pros, not a single "con". Are you ready?


A mix of all of the above? Not a problem, send me an email and we will discuss it.

“My team can handle all of your social media profiles for you. You can focus on other important parts of the business and leave the social media to us. Everything from creation and management to ads deployment.”

Design services

User experience and user interface design

Hire me to design your new website or mobile app. I can work with the developers in your team and you can even be a part of the design process – monitor the progress and suggest edits / features. Contact me to get more information about the services I provide.

SMM Services

Social media management services

My team and I will handle your online presence. This includes creating and managing social media profiles, community management, paid ads creation and more! Feel free to contact me today!

Let's talk business!


Click HERE to send me an email now. Alternatively use the phone number provided to contact me. If you are offering services and want to work with me OR hire me to work for your company do not hesitate to give me a call.


Banjanin Stefan

Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+ 387 65 389 886 (Viber/What’sApp)