Stefan Banjanin

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User experience, user interface designer
and social media coordinator

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Everything I did led me to this point. Got my first computer with dial-up back in 1999, as a seven year old. Back then I was learning the language and exploring.
In 2013 I dropped out of UNI and started reading about web design, development, SEO, marketing etc. and decided to work as a freelancer. Nowadays I am focused on Social media marketing and design.
Most of the websites I made are in Wordpress, It is simple and easy to use and I tend to focus on more important things like design, optimization and business development. I am open for suggestions, will work with other freelancers / teams, available for more than 30 hours per week. If you have any other questions drop me an email.

I appreciate a professional approach


Gathering information about market, competition, customers and creating a report for the client.


Time to brainstorm / figure out a unique approach for each project and execute the right strategy.


After completing all the steps, tests and reviews, files are sent to the clients or the website is published.